Ways to Help Your Mental Health

While some mental health conditions are more serious and can require professional care, maintaining your day-to-day mental health is just as important as your physical health. Just like you might try to eat healthily or get in some exercise every day, here are some things you can do to keep yourself mentally healthy.

Focus on positive thoughts.

It may sound cheesy but how you think affects how you feel! If you find yourself mentally bashing yourself, stop for a minute and think about something positive. Keeping yourself accountable for your thoughts can help you feel better and ready face challenges.

Be grateful.

With all the stresses from school, friends, family, and work, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Instead of focusing how stressed you are, take a moment to think about something you are grateful for. Maybe it’s how supportive your friends are or how your degree is going to help you follow your passion.

Put good in, get good out.

Everybody has those days (weeks…months…) when life is so hectic you can’t even seem to find time for a good meal. Eating crummy can leave you feeling crummy, so while grabbing a quick meal from a fast food joint may be quicker, try not to do it so often. But don’t deprive yourself either! Eating balanced meals is key and it can do wonders for your self-esteem and mood.


That build of stress may be bringing you down, so going for a jog may be
just the thing to make you feel better. If that isn’t your thing, get some friends
together and play frisbee or volleyball. Borrow someone’s dog (with their permission!) and go for a walk. Anything to get yourself moving!
Establish a support system.

Having people you can talk to about your life can help you get things off your
chest when you most need it. Friends, family, and even favorite professors can be
great resources when you need to talk. The WRC is also a great place to find a friendly, listening ear! Sometimes just saying what’s bothering can help relieve some of the anxiety.


Even when life gets brutal sleep is the most important thing. Being sleep deprived
can make you cranky, emotional, and can even hinder performance. What’s the point of studying at 3am if you’re not going to remember anyway? Staying on a regular sleep schedule can go a long way towards making you feel better.

Give yourself a break.

When life gets too stressful, sometimes it is best to just stop for a minute or two. Taking a break to work on a favorite hobby or watch a favorite TV show can be just what you need to rejuvenate! Just be sure to set reasonable limits to ensure you don’t give yourself extra stress.

Get help.

Sometimes, eating right and sleeping isn’t enough to make you feel better. If you
find that your stress or other emotions are affecting your life in negative ways, don’t be afraid to ask for help — you are worth it.


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