Ever since protests have developed on Mizzou’s campus this season, Truman State– only an hour-and-a-half up the road from their MU peers–and its students are reflecting on what should be done to address issues on campus. See the Kirksville Daily Express article below for more details (click on the link). Campus Diversity Issues

This original event was arranged for any students to learn about the texture, styling, and maintenance of hair specifically towards black women. In lieu of going to the event, here’s a video clip on how mainly black women used this chemical to straighten out hair although it’s one of the most damaging ways to do so; yet a lot of black women–and some men–straightened out hair this way in order to easily manage it or, in most cases, to conform to European standards of beauty. Chris Rock and Sodium Hydroxide

Last week’s Crafting Anatomy event had a fantastic turnout! Thanks to all those who participated in crafting and making genitalia a positive topic!    

Always a pleasure, excitement, and joy to meet with Truman State’s President Troy Paino (or T-Pain) and show him what we do at the center! We appreciate his efforts in wanting to make the Women’s Resource Center beneficial to all who need it!    

So…we’re famous (sort of)! The Women’s Resource Center at Truman State is asking for women’s hygiene products to donate. Anything from toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, moisturizer, feminine products, and anything of the like. Also, if you want to see the Women’s Resource Center on KTVO, follow this link: http://ktvo.com/news/local/truman-group-asking-for-donations-for-womens-hygiene-drive Help us out! Donation boxes are located in the residence halls, so you can drop them off anywhere on campus!

Starting Monday off Right! Official badass Nellie Bly was a pioneer not only in journalism but women in journalism.  In 1880 shortly after moving with her family to Pittsburg, she bravely replied to a sexist column entitled “What Girls are Good For.” The editor noticed and published her response and quickly offered her a full-time position at the Pittsburg Dispatch. They started Nellie off writing for the “Women’s Pages,” basically fluffy stuff about fashion, housekeeping, etc. But she was not about that life and traveled to Mexico to become a foreign correspondent. Nellie spent 6 months… Read Article →

The following is a link to the website page “National Conference of State Legislatures”, and on it is a breakdown of the number of states and their policies regarding sex education, specifically and especially in public schools. What’s shocking about these policies? What isn’t? http://www.ncsl.org/research/health/state-policies-on-sex-education-in-schools.aspx Cheers!

The YPJ, or Women’s Protection Unit, is an all-female militia which fights as a part of the larger YPG, or People’s Protection Unit, in Northern Syria. Formed a few years ago, the YPJ is seen as one of the most effective weapons against ISIS so far, as the women fight fiercely and as ISIS soldiers believe that, if they are killed by women, they will not be able to enter heaven. ISIS units have been known to sometimes avoid areas which they know are occupied by the YPJ because of this fear. Although defending their… Read Article →

Rye Silverman is writer and comedian. She was the first transgender model for Modcloth.com. This is a huge break for transwomen as the models usually presented are cis-gendered women with a very particular look. She is helping to create a broader range of women shown in the media and in the fashion industry. She came out as transgender 5 years ago, after wearing kilts as a baby step toward developing a personal style. She gives a positive message to other transgender girls: “The first few outings are the worst because you can feel everyone’s eyes… Read Article →

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