Information & Resources

The WRC is committed to providing Truman’s campus with accurate, relevant information about a wide variety of topics including sexual health, LGBTQ+ issues and much more. Below you’ll find our index of carefully collected resources.

Mental Health

Mental health is an important factor in full body health. Below you’ll find links to help about mental health, and options students have on campus when pursuing mental health treatment. Ways To Improve Your Mental Health Anxiety Binge Drinking Eating Disorders Men’s Mental Health [...]

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Sexual Health

Gynecological Health Breast Health [...]

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The WRC is currently unable to provide pregnancy tests or emergency contraception. Pregnancy tests can be found at the Student Health Center. If you are uncomfortable or need support while obtaining these resources please come to the center and we would be happy to accompany you. The WRC provides multiple kinds of barrier contraception for [...]

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Violence and Abuse

Sexual Assault Sexual assault is a serious offense, and can weigh heavily on the mind of victims. Below you’ll find resources and options on Truman’s campus for victims of sexual assault. Resources in Kirksville What to Do After An Assault Title IX   Bystander Intervention If you are a bystander or witness to an interaction [...]

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The WRC is proud to support LGBTQ+ individuals, and we encourage all our staff to attend Safe Zone training! Below you’ll find links to information about the whole LGBTQ+ spectrum. LGBT Resources in Kirksville List of terms [...]

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Substance Use & Addiction

Substance use can be very damaging to your health. Below you’ll find links to information about binge drinking, tobacco use and drug addiction. Binge Drinking [...]

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Birth Control

Your body, your birth control. Find what works for you! Choosing a method of birth control can be difficult, and with tons choices available today it can be a bit overwhelming to decide. We’ve created these summaries to help answer some basic questions and better equip you to speak with your doctor about what’s right [...]

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