Does the WRC really put on events?

Yes, we do! One of the primary functions Truman State University’s Women’s Resource Center performs is putting on events for all people on and off campus to attend, enjoy, and learn a little something. To stay up-to-date with the latest information, be sure to follow us on Instagram @wrctruman!

Upcoming events


Denim Painting & Denim Day

Denim Day is to raise awareness and show support for survivors of sexual assault. In collaboration with Student Government, we will be hosting a denim painting event on April 17, 11am-3pm on the Quad. Fabric paint will be provided, but please bring your own denim! A limited number of jeans will be provided to paint on, but we will keep these provided jeans and hang them on a clothesline on Denim Day. Wear your painted denim on Denim Day (April 24)!

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