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Interested in attending The Vagina Monologues on February 22nd or February 23rd? Here is a link to the kind of performances you can expect! This is a monologue called, "The Flood".
www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbF1mGaS1hQMaxie Solters performs "The Flood" from Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues in April 2017 at The Federal Bar in North Hollywood. The performance was part of V...
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Today we are celebrating Corretta Scott King, who led the Civil Rights movement after the death of Martin Luther King Jr. As a Civil Rights Activist, she broadened the scope of the movement to include women's and LGBTQ+ rights. In 1968, Corretta Scott King established The King Center as an official memorial to Martin Luther King Jr. She lived from April 27, 1927-January 30, 2006. #blackhistorymonth ... See MoreSee Less

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Hello all! This month during V-Week, the WRC will be hosting our annual performance of Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues". The performance will take place on February 22nd and 23rd at 7 pm in VH 1000. These monologues focus on topics such as body image, sexual assault, relationships, health, and more. The money that the WRC raises for this performance will go to the Kirksville Victim Support Services. If you are curious about what these monologues are like or what you will be seeing in these performances, check out this link below of the monologue "My Vagina was my Village".
(WARNNG: this video depicts a graphic description of sexual violence)
www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdP4V_HBWRAI had the opportunity to be in the Vagina Monologues for East Bay Productions. Originally this is a two person piece and found a way to make it solo. Thank y...
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Happy Black History Month! This month, the WRC will be posting about different black women throughout history to celebrate their amazing achievements. Today, the woman we will be celebrating is Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou lived from April 4 1928 to May 28 2014. She was a poet who wrote about racial injustice and the struggles of womanhood. She was the very first African American woman to have her screenplay "Caged Bird" produced. Additionally, Maya Angelou was a civil rights activist and she was good friends with Martin Luther King Jr. up until his assassination. ... See MoreSee Less

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The WRC in unable to provide pregnancy tests or emergency contraception. If you are in need of these resources both can be found at the University Health Center. If you are uncomfortable or need support while obtaining these resources please come to the center and we would be happy to escort you.

The WRC provides multiple kinds of barrier contraception for free! We offer condoms, female condoms, dental dams and lube! 

 The WRC is a politically neutral organization, so we don’t pick sides when it comes to the abortion debate.  For your use we have included links to both Planned Parenthood and Birthright. Both are organizations that provide healthcare and family planning resources to women in need. Both are excellent organizations to turn to if you are in need. However, if you are seeking aid with terminating a pregnancy these organizations will treat you differently. Birthright is a pro-life organization. Planned Parenthood is a pro-choice organization. This information has been included so that you may choose the organization that best fits your personal beliefs.

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